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Friday, 25 March 2011

Splurge – Essentials

*        Photographer
Your wedding photos are going to be your longest-lasting memories of your big day, so you don’t want to cut corners here. You’re going to be very busy and full of memories the day of the wedding. At the end of it all, your wedding album will be how you revisit everything you missed during the whirlwind event. If you choose an amateur or hobbyist photographer, you risk losing these most precious memories. You’re far better to select a professional;, even if it does cost more. Find a portfolio that matches your style and tastes, and then interview the photographer to see if his or her personality matches what you’re searching for. You want someone who knows how to capture special moments without interrupting; getting bossy, or barging their way in to get the angle they want.

The Art
There's more to making an album you'll love forever than just point, shoot and print.
Here, we break it down into three easy steps

Wedding photography is an art with three distinct styles, so it's important to find a photographer who shoots the way you like it. Which sounds most like your style from the three described below?

With this photojournalistic style, your photographer acts as a fly on the wall and captures the best moments of the day as they happen. No staged group shots.

This classic style focuses on fab formal portraits of you and your groom, the families, the bridal party, and trademark wedding moments like the signing of the register and cutting the cake.

This popular halfway house between reportage and traditional offers an abbreviated selection of posed formals that Grandma can put on the mantle-piece a well as lots of spontaneous shots you'll love.

All photographs provided by  Eclipse Weddings 
I am so excited to bring another fabulous Photographer to join La Roche Eclipse

They have a modern photographic studio in Bromborough and as you can see from their work, alot of their time is spent at weddings capturing brides looking stunning and creating fabulous memories to treasure forever.

At Eclipse they understand that every couple is unique and they will always take their lead on photographing your wedding from what you tell them because it's your day and should reflect your style.

We love you Eclipse - La Roche x

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