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Saturday, 2 July 2011


The foundation garments underneath the wedding gown can be as important as the outer details. From bras and panties to control top nylons and body slimming undergarments, good quality items will go a long way towards achieving a seamless and flawless look.

Depending on the neckline of the gown, the bride will wear a bra with or without straps. If you do not like the idea of a strapless bra, there are alternatives available. Clear straps are becoming more common and are easier to hide under a gown with this straps. As well, the same clear option is available to go under the halter neckline. Note that clear straps may still be visible in the photographs, depending of the width of the dress' straps, and it;s best to avoid straps altogether with more open necklines.

Cups, body tape, daisies and other options exist for backless dresses and gowns that don't look right with a bra underneath.

Knickers should be chosen to avoid any lines showing through the gown. When wearing a gown with a tight fitting silhouette, such as the sheath or mermaid shapes, visible lines will take away from the smoothness of the gown. Therefore knicker styles such as thongs, boy-cut shorts, and Brazilian cuts are great options, as they don't show lines and will give confidence to the bride.

Control-top nylons and body-slimming undergarments can help brides with figure flaws smooth and tone their midsection and lower half to create a flawless silhouette. These garments do wonders for the overall appearance of the gown. They are designed to target specific areas, such as tummies or bottoms. If the bride is feeling at all self-conscious about her body, I recommend these products to ease her mind.

More comfortable and fun alternatives to regular nylons are stay ups and garter belts. Stay-up nylons have a plastic strip at the top of the stocking, to hold the nylon in place to mid thigh. If the bride chooses to wear stay-ups,be sure you test out a few different pairs. The bride needs to make sure they have enough staying power to last through the entire day and night-including dancing! For extra assurance, some brides prefer to opt for a traditional garter belt. The belt is worn over the hips with four or six 'garters' that come down the leg and clasp the top of the stocking. Many women find them to be a comfortable and sexy addition to their wedding ensemble.

Colour is the final consideration when choosing wedding undergarments. Brides should choose white or flesh toned garments, with the possible exception of the garter. Nothing is more disastrous than discovering that the outline of a red bra shows very clearly under a white gown in a photograph. The bride will always have a chance to slip into something fun and flirty after the reception. That's what all those bridal shower gifts were for!

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