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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Headpieces offer both an accent and overall dimension to the appearance of the gown. Some brides might prefer a very elaborate headpiece, while others prefer none at all. The headpiece can be used alone or in combination with a veil. A list of possible headpieces and their descriptions is provided below:

1. Half hat: This is a small hat covering half of the crown on the head.

2. Halo: This is a decorative fabric and wire band that sits on the head, lying across the forhead. The piece is accentuated with pearls, sequins, or flowers.

3.Hairpins/Hairsticks: These are ornamental hairclips that both hold up the hair for upswept styles and act as an attractive accessory.

4. Juliet cap: A small hat that hugs the back of the head. This works well with a veil, particularly a pouf veil.

5. Picture hat: A wide brimmed hat decorated with lace, pearls, or sequins.

6. Pillbox: A structured, brimless hat, which is worn on the top of the head.

7. Profile: Worn asymmetrically on the head, a profile is a floral comb decorated with lace, pearls, or crystals.

8. Snood: A decorative netting covered with pearls, sequins, or flowers. This style is used to cover hair pulled up in a bun hairstyle.

9. Wreath: This is a circle of flowers that usually sits at the crown of the head.

10. Tiara: Perhaps the most popular headpiece is the tiara. A tiara is an ornamental crown of pearls,
 crystals, or rhinestones worn at the top of the head. This piece can be worn alone or with a veil.

The bride should remember that the headpiece offers a way to enhance the gown. It should not compete with it. Some brides may choose to complement a hairstyle with the use of a headpiece. Others will forego this accessory in favour of a more elaborate hairstyle or veil.

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