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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Men's Formal Attire

Two common, formal options for grooms are the tuxedo and the morning suit.

1. Tuxedo

The classic tuxedo is a single breasted three button or one button jacket with satin trim. The trousers can be pleated or flat front and might also have a satin trim. The tuxedo can be accessorized with a necktie or bow tie, vest or cummerbund. The tuxedo jacket can also be found in a double breasted version. This suit will draw attention to the midsection; therefore, the whole ensemble will look best on a man who is tall and slim.

2. Morning Suit

The morning coat or cutaway jacket is a suit jacket with a single button at the waist and one broad tail at the back. These jackets usually come in black or grey and are typically worn with a wing-collared shirt, an ascot, a cummerbund, and striped trousers. The groom can dress this outfit up by adding gloves, a top hat, and a walking stick. To tone down the formality of this look, the groom can wear a patterned necktie instead of an ascot.

These suits can be accessorized with special lapels, and a variety of shirts, ties, vests, and cummerbunds. Generally, there is freedom in combining these accessories; however, some accessories are exclusive to one another. For example a cummerbund should only be worn with a bow tie or ascot.

When assessing the overall look of a suit, little details go a long way. The lapels of a suit jacket for instance, can completely change the appearance of the suit. Just as the neckline of the bride's gown will frame her face, the lapels of the suit jacket will frame the face of the groom. The three main types of lapels are

1. Notched lapel:

This lapel have "V" shaped cuts pointing toward the groom's chest, where the collar and the lapel meet the jacket.

2. Peaked lapel:

This style includes two points of fabric on either side of the jacket positioned in an upwards direction. With this style, there is a narrow space between the collar and the lapel.

3.: Shawl collar:

A rounded jacket lapel that continues back in a softly tapering line. A satin piping at the seam can add a very attractive dressy touch. This style is a great choice for men who are heavier as it creates a more vertical line.

Grooms can also choose from several different kinds of neckties.

1. Ascot: A wide necktie that is looped over and held in place, under the chin, with a tie tack.

2. Bow: Tied in the shape of a bow, this tie comes in a variety of colours and patterns to match the vest or cummerbund.

3. Euro: A long, knotted square-bottomed necktie.

4. Four-in-hand: Slightly different than the euro, the four-in-hand is the most common long knotted necktie with a "V" cut at the bottom.

The cummerbund is a pleated silk or satin sash, worn at the waist, to cover the trouser waistband. It is only worn with a bow tie, not a knotted necktie. The vest, on the other hand can be worn instead of the cummerbund to cover the trouser waistband.

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