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Friday, 24 June 2011

Giving It That Personal Touch

He accept! and the first thing you think is..’Oh My God! I have to plan my wedding now! Where do I start?’...
 A lot of brides to be panic at this stage and start telling their girlfriends and mums to buy bridal magazines and book wedding shows! This is all very helpful, but to take a positive, stress free and sophisticated approach is to hire a wedding planner; to make it bespoke to your needs and so nothing is left out! This does not have to break the bank!
In fact do some research if you can get something cheaper than your wedding planner, tell your planner and let them see if they can match it or make it better! Challenge them! Work closely with your planner so it is what YOU want!

There are those who NEED a wedding planner, and there are those who WANT a wedding planner!  

If you are living some distance from where the ceremony and celebration is to take place; if you have a demanding life which does not allow you the time to take on what is an extremely demanding project; if you are having a large scale celebration; if you want to make real savings on your budget; if you want the security of knowing there is someone with you to take the strain; you probably do NEED a wedding planner.

Hiring a Wedding Planner is no longer a luxury few can afford and it is no wonder couples WANT a wedding planner to ensure that all goes smoothly as there are so many “i”s that need dotted and “t’”s that need crossed!   No matter the scale of the ceremony and celebration, attention to these details is key. 

There are ways to maximize every budget and having experienced consultants on hand to assist in this aspect of your planning is extremely worthwhile.  If you want your venue to be dressed in a way that will wow your guests, you can get that  taken care of the styling and just having someone there on the day to ensure that all goes smoothly is of significant valuable to any couple.

Some brides make the mistake of having family and friends to help out and take care of the organization of their weddings, which is very sweet and thoughtful, but don’t you think they want to see you get married instead of sorting out the caterers? I know in a typical Asian bride’s wedding, its on a large scale of guests up to 500 which is a norm, and there is a lot of work to do, which is not possible without planners and managers taking care of every detail, otherwise you will have detail lacking and it will become very obvious to those observant ones ! everyone attending your wedding should be a guest including you, your friends and family!

It’s your one day everything should go smoothly and perfect, and you want the people close to you to see all the precious moments! I always get a lot of brides asking me  ‘is it too late to start planning my wedding?’
‘How long should I realistically need?’and various other questions relating to this subject...In all honesty, you should start THINKING about planning as soon as you say ‘yes’!

Make notes, make plans, write down things you think of, some brides keep a little diary/book so all ideas are in one place. But when starting to plan, like above get all your ideas together when booking your wedding planner/co ordinator show them your ideas and make sure they know what you want from these ideas!
Realistically a full wedding from 100-500 people can take from 5-8 months planning to perfection.
When you go to wedding shows and exhibitions, go to the big city shows. For example if you live in London go to the city shows, well known, and with a lot of exhibitors so you are spoilt for choice.
this is important so you can get different quotations from different types of companies as there are more of them, quotations are important, note them down, compare them to others, quality is important though, remember when you want the best, and quality is important to you in a certain area, then prepared to pay the price!
So budgeting is very important, you should have a realistic budget for EACH area of your wedding.
get realistic quotations, and set aside ‘security money’ just in case somethings falls through or you exceed over your budget.

If you have questions or queries please contact me for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your engagement/wedding. I specialize in all Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh weddings. I am available UK nationwide, based in London.

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‘Giving It That Personal Touch’

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