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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hen do's with a difference!

Like everything else in life, hen do's are changing and evolving all the time!

 We all have that the image in mind of the "Hen" decorated in various ribbons, badges and wedding paraphernalia or a group of very drunken ladies in random fancy dress stumbling out of Limos in the local town centre and why not?  After all, a brides hen night is a chance for the bride to let her hair down amongst all the chaos of planning a wedding.

What if you don't fancy a night out on the town?  We look at the alternative hen do's.

For the more adventurous bride:

Battlefield Live 

If you fancy getting down and dirty but not in the traditional sense then why not try something a bit more "hands on".
Battlefield Live in Pembrokeshire offers the ultimate in outdoor laser combat.
They use infra-red so it is suitable for everyone with no pain or bruising.
Team work is the key and you will need your wits about you as well as stealth and strategy to defeat the opposition.
The missions include sabotage, flight box, sniper, patrol, capture and hold and rescue the VIP.

Games run for 2 hours and cost £20 per person.  There is no extra charge for ammo and no long waits.

Does this sound like your ideal hen party?  Click here for more details.

Naughty but Nice?

Why not try out the latest in indulgent treats and organise a Cup Cake party for you and your friends?  The Vintage Tea party company, based in Carmarthenshire are offering Cup Cake decorating classes and afternoon tea parties for groups of 8 to 10 people from £30 per person, which includes everything you will need to make a stunning display of delicious delights (plus you get to scoff them when you finish!!).  

A touch of class?
The perfect accessory to every girls outfit is her jewellery, so why not take the opportunity to hold a jewellery party for you and your friends?  
Made With Love by Polly offer stunning handmade jewellery with necklaces, bracelets, brooches and more.  They can offer a bespoke service to co ordinate with your outfit and work with you to create the right piece of jewellery from a range of styles or even from your own ideas!

Ally x

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